Build Your Financial Action Plan Each Week 

Set a wealth-building goal such as home ownership, higher education, entrepreneurship, or retirement. Master your household budget, diminish your debt, patch up your credit, and launch saving for your future.

Week 1: Set a financial goal

Week 2: Develop a budget

Week 3: Reduce your debt

Week 4: Get your credit report

Week 5: Start saving for your future

Managing debt and building wealth shouldn’t be as hard as it seems, if you have a plan. We will assist you in achieving your goals, by helping you to understand the “how and why” of winning financial habits. We will help you create a plan specific to your needs, that helps you reach your goals rather than set just set goals. Our trained staff will provide you the tools to create and achieve meaningful goals. Our innovative program curriculum provides guidance, accountability and encouragement– the result is an achievable financial future.

No matter what your future goals are, chances are you will need solid credit and money management skills to get there. If you need to work on repairing your credit, reducing your debt or building your savings, we can help. Take the first step in building a brighter future by contacting us today.

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